Urgent & Emergency Care

Urgent & Emergency Care

Emergencies During Business Hours — Emergencies can happen at any time of day – and your beloved pet may need urgent medical attention. That’s why our team of dedicated professionals offer emergency and urgent vet services from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday so you can get the help you need when you need it most.

Outside of Business Hours

If your emergency occurs from 5pm through 8am we recommend Allied Emergency Veterinary Services (check Google for the clinic nearest you).

All Life Stages:

Your pet’s health needs change as they grow and age. That’s why our wellness services are tailored to each life stage, from the playful puppy or kitten to the wise senior pet. We believe  in providing personalized care for each individual pet, and our wellness exams are a crucial part of that. By keeping up with regular preventive care throughout all life stages, we can help your pet live a long and happy life.

Routine Vaccinations:

Vaccines are the first line of defense against many common ailments. Our experienced team customizes vaccination schedules to each pet’s lifestyle, ensuring they are protected without over-vaccinating. We’re dedicated to clear, ongoing communication, providing you with the knowledge to make the best decisions for your pet’s health. Learn more about vaccinations.

We know that having a sick pet can be stressful, which is why we strive to ensure all our patients receive top-quality care in a timely manner. Our experienced veterinarians will assess and diagnose your pet’s condition as quickly as possible so they are able to start treatment right away. We’ll also do everything we can to keep you informed throughout the process, helping to put your mind at ease during this difficult time.

You can trust that your pet will be in the best hands possible when you come to Sirius Veterinary Care for urgent or emergency vet services. Our team is here to help and provide the compassionate care your four-legged family member deserves.

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