Wellness Exams & Preventative Care

Wellness Exams and Preventive Care at Sirius Vets

To keep your pets in top-notch health, Sirius Vets offers a comprehensive range of wellness services, each designed with your pet’s wellness in mind. Our practice believes in preventive care that is as personal as it is comprehensive, where our community-focused approach ensures you’re fully educated and involved in your pet’s health journey.

A Baseline of Care:

Our annual wellness exams are designed to give your pet the best chance of staying healthy and happy throughout their lifespan. These thorough check-ups allow our veterinary team to detect any potential health issues early on, ensuring prompt treatment and preventing any conditions from becoming more serious. Our exams include a full physical examination, vaccinations, parasite screenings, and tailored recommendations for your pet’s  specific needs. By staying on top of preventive care, your pet can live their best life at any age.

All Life Stages:

Your pet’s health needs change as they grow and age. That’s why our wellness services are tailored to each life stage, from the playful puppy or kitten to the wise senior pet. We believe  in providing personalized care for each individual pet, and our wellness exams are a crucial part of that. By keeping up with regular preventive care throughout all life stages, we can help your pet live a long and happy life.

Routine Vaccinations:

Vaccines are the first line of defense against many common ailments. Our experienced team customizes vaccination schedules to each pet’s lifestyle, ensuring they are protected without over-vaccinating. We’re dedicated to clear, ongoing communication, providing you with the knowledge to make the best decisions for your pet’s health. Learn more about vaccinations.

Heartworm Testing:

Heartworm disease poses a serious threat and can be fatal if left untreated. With our annual heartworm screening, we catch the disease early and provide a tailored heartworm prevention plan that suits every pet, regardless of their breed or living environment.

Nutritional Counseling:

The right diet is fundamental to your pet’s health and vitality. Our in-depth nutritional counseling offers insights into your pet’s unique dietary needs. Whether managing weight, addressing chronic conditions, or promoting general wellness, we’re here to guide you with evidence-based advice to keep your pet at their healthiest.

Parasite Prevention:

Fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites can not only cause discomfort and disease to your pets, but also pose a risk to your family’s health. Our team works with you to develop a customized parasite prevention plan that fits your pet’s needs and lifestyle, providing year-round protection for your furry family members.

Expertise You Can Trust:

Education and transparency are the pillars of our preventive care approach. We invite you to join our non-judgmental, supportive community where you and your pet can experience a truly peaceful veterinary visit. Be proactive in your pet’s care – book a wellness exam with us today and let’s ensure your pet’s health and happiness for years to come.

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